domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2008

Mini álbum- chaveiro

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Kwebbel disse...

I'm from Germany (my english is not so good, sorry!)

I like your lo! - Thank you for showing!

I look around the world of scrapper and seach from every country a scrapper, and placeed them on my Blog - you are my scrapper from Australia!
If you want, you can look on my blog!
I wish you every time good lo's - and perhaps you visit my page in germany!


Cris disse...

Kwebbel, how are you?
Thanks for your comments, but i'm from Brazil not Australia.
I like your blog!!!



Kwebbel disse...

Hi Cris,
sorry you are right, you are my blogger from Brasil - my mistake!

I have a lot of new stuff on my blog - i am happy when you visit me!

I look every week on your blog - to see news!


Anônimo disse...

numero 27: amei o visu do seu blog!
todos os trabalhos sao lindos e criativos.